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We hear frequent mention of 'calling' in many Christian circles. But what does that mean? Many times it relates to our gifts or abilities; things that make us unique, and ways we can use those giftings for life and good.

I want to talk a bit about calling; specifically, how we have all been called to be co-creators with God. That means in very real terms, God has given each one of us the ability to be gifted creators, entrepreneurs, and to create wealth, physically and environmentally. We not only have the capacity but the mandate to create and be fruitful. We are part and reflection of God’s image, and “Part of God’s image is that he is a very generous God.” Also, the reality is that each person has “dignity and capacity within them because we are created in the image of God”.

That being said, God created each and every person with the dignity and creative capacity to create, develop, and thrive. This reality excites and energizes me when I look around at the incredible wealth of humanity I am surrounded by in Guatemala. Os Guiness (2018) also reaffirms the theological belief that we are all called to be entrepreneurs, he says “calling is not just be who you are, it is also become what you can become” (2:30). Each person has been called and designed with capacities to create because we are made in God’s image. He makes the bold statement “if we follow the calling that He has for us, we will go high and far”.

Analyzing these theological beliefs leaves me feeling both excited and confused at the same time. When looking around at the current reality of the world, there seems to be such a disconnect between what humans were created for, and how we are actually functioning. God created us in His image; to flourish, create, and expand. Poverty overrides so many of us, however, both in physical circumstances and in spirit and mindset.

One of the main examples of seeing flourishing even amidst the struggle and brokenness of this world is Joseph. I love his story, and it is such an encouragement to me. Joseph lived through so many soul-crushing difficulties, but wherever he found himself placed, he flourished and was given authority over households and businesses, and ran them with success. He solved problems and helped those around him to prosper. So even in the brokenness of this world, we can still grab hold of our calling and walk out what we have been called to by God, which is creating, expanding, and entrepreneurship.

This challenges me to not think under a paternalistic mindset, and instead see the dignity and creative capacity in each individual. What actually works is “allowing human beings to create value and prosperity for themselves”. This challenges me in only the best ways for my life here in Guatemala. We have been called not only to accept our own calling for entrepreneurship but to see those around us as co-creators and entrepreneurs and call that out in those we are surrounded by.

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