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Now that we have given a little bit of background, let's share more about the basics of what we do!

The name Abeja is symbolic of the life and abundance that God demonstrates through nature. Abeja means 'bee' in Spanish. Bees symbolize community, brightness, personal power, hard work and feminine energy. Bees bring life to flowers, and flowers give life back to them. This beautiful interactive relationship mirrors the heart and purpose of what this project is creating. God desires restoration and true shalom for his children. Through time being surrounded and nurtured by nature while working with flowers, there is a great potential for healing and renewal, meeting him in his creation.

Abeja Flowers began with the ultimate mission being to have an independent vehicle that will support women around Antigua Guatemala through employment and support services.

Abeja offers unique high-end floral bouquets and wedding and event decoration. The business filled a hole in the local market and the customer base is quickly expanding. Through an initial pilot project we have proven with confidence that by only offering one design of bouquets one day a week for sale, we are able to sell sufficient bouquets in one week to support the employment of two women for an entire month. We are receiving increasing interest in floral design services for events and large businesses. This wealth creation model has the ability to expand and act as a self -sustaining vehicle to employ and empower women locally and impact long-term change, independent of donations.

The purpose behind everything Abeja does and the backbone of all policies and procedures is to see women flourish as God intended them to live. We are in the process of building a wellness program that will be the heart of the business. The program is committed to coming alongside and holistically supporting women. The program is centered around three main pillars:

1. Spiritual Growth: The core of everything we do is circles around spiritual health and growing in a knowledge of the heart of the Father. When women understand who God says they are, transformation takes place.

2. Employment: Dignified, safe employment where women and their skills are valued and expanded.

3. Education: Women are linked with opportunities to learn based on their specific goals (literacy, English, skills training).

Having the ability to invest in the mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of each woman opens the door to offer so much more than just employment; there can be a joining together toward Christ inspired transformational renewal that has the ability to improve their futures.

The culture of this project is not paternalistic, it is partnering together, committing to a more hopeful future for all involved. Women hold the keys to their own empowerment. As they come to an increased understanding of their spiritual worth, and are supported with safe opportunities, their personal situations will be transformed and they will be equipped to bring hope and life into their communities.

All of these different elements of Abeja converge with the desire to create a holistic support system that engenders self-confidence and reaching their own personal goals. The women have a voice in every element of the development of the business. The business strategy will be impacted by their own personal life situations, styles of problem solving, and decision-making. This is the long-term vision, that the women will be in complete control of every part of the business, empowered and informed, with access to the knowledge and outlets they need in order to grow into a large floral producer in Guatemala and beyond.

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